Meet The Tringos

Inhabitants of Bingoland

75 - The Bingo King

Who Are The Tringos?

And Where Do They Live?


Somewhere in the South Pacific where the climate is temperate and the air is sweet, there is a tiny island called Bingoland (well, it's not tiny to The Tringos because they are the size of a bingo ball). Here, The Tringos have thrived for many generations, and will do for generations to come. Bingoland has a mixed landscape... from mountainous terrain housing the Bingo King and Queen's castle, to white sandy beaches, to small villages as well as modern housing and commercial properties in Tringotown. This diversity makes for a community of Tringos rich in culture.


The Tringos story line is as rich and diverse as The Tringos characters themselves. Of course bingo is at the heart of civilization in Bingoland, yet many of The Tringos find themselves entangled in all sorts of adventures, sometimes even finding themselves on the mainland on either side of the Pacific ocean.

A large part of the story behind The Tringos, is the trouble Eve Ella causes as she seeks to gain power and control over Bingoland and it's inhabitants. Thankfully she rarely succeeds, because of a very tight community of Tringos.

Featured Characters

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What People are Saying About The Tringos

"It’s so much fun to have ‘Bingo Characters’, especially because there is at least one that each of us can identify with. Can’t wait to see who’s next".
Linda Burke
"The Tringos are FUN and happy, providing consistency to our brand".
Jenynne DeNoble